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(Previously known as Quadpay)

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Previously known as Quadpay in the United States, Zip is one of worlds leading 'Buy Now Pay Later' payment methods. Looking for stores that accept Zip? Simply use the search above for products or brands to uncover retailers that take Zip at checkout.

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Famous Footwear

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Vessi Footwear

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quadpay now zip

Previously known as Quadpay!

In late 2020, Zip Co Ltd acquired the popular fintech company Quadpay, and have since rebranded Quadpay to Zip. Despite the logo and branding changing, the same great payment service is still available. You can still buy now and pay later on all your favourite products at many leading online retailers.

How Zip works?

Zip gives shoppers a simple and quick way to buy now and pay later in four interest-free instalments (over a six week period).